Operations Undertaken

Specialist Surgery

Hip Preservation – Arthroscopic & Open

Hip Preservation – Arthroscopic & Open
Biospy and synovectomy
Loose body removal
Labral repair & reconstruction
Acetabular rim recession
Femoral osteochondroplasty
Capsular repair and plication
Articular cartilage defect microfracture and grafting

Extra-articular Hip Problems

Trochanteric bursectomy

Abductor repairs

Muscle & Tendon transfers

ITB release

Ischiofemoral decompression

Sciatic nerve decompression

Hamstring repair

Proximal femoral de-rotation osteotomy

Hip Replacement

Bikini incision, minimally invasive, muscle sparing direct anterior approach (DAA)

Longitudinal incision, minimally invasive, muscle sparing direct anterior approach (DAA)

Posterior approach hip replacement

Hip Resurfacing

Robotic assisted anterior hip replacement

Arthroscopic procedures to address soft tissue and bony problems associated with in situ hip replacements

Revision Hip Replacement

Direct anterior approach (DAA) revision hip replacement

Posterior approach revision hip replacement



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