About The London Hip Practice

The Practice

The London Hip Practice was founded to bring together established and highly regarded clinicians to provide patients with best advice and care for hip related problems.

The London Hip Practice philosophy is that the patient comes first and that a multidisciplinary team approach will best ensure that every patient receives the highest standards of care throughout their treatment journey.

We believe that every patient should be given time to describe their problems, be properly examined and appropriately investigated. A clear explanation of findings should be provided and options for treatment should be discussed – with attention to potential benefits, risks and alternatives. When surgery is undertaken, it should be with a clear plan and the least possible trauma to the patient’s tissues.

Our expertise

We live in an exciting era with technological advances in joint preservation surgery, biologics, robotics, computer assisted surgery and personalised surgical solutions.
At the beginning of our careers, hip preservation surgery and hip resurfacing were novel and relatively untested treatments.

Hip arthroscopy is now an established tool in the hip surgeon’s armamentarium.

The benefits and limitations of hip resurfacing have been identified and ongoing developments may address the problems that metal debris can cause.

Robotic assisted surgery and the use of patient specific instrumentation are being widely adopted to optimise the reproducibility of joint replacement surgery.

Biologics and stem cell treatments are being developed and may provide treatment options to delay or prevent degenerative joint disease for future generations.

While innovations have great potential to improve patient outcomes, responsible adoption of new treatments should be through rigorous evaluation and demonstration of advantage over tried and tested solutions. Our careers at the cutting-edge of hip surgery enables the London Hip Practice surgeons to advise patients on the benefits and limitations of new treatment options.

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