Robotic-arm assisted Hip Replacement

The Mako robotic arm is available for patients being treated at the Lister Hospital

Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery is provide by Prof Hollingdale for Posterior approach hip replacement and by Prof Field and Mr Gikas for Anterior approach hip replacement

The content of Stryker’s brochure for patients on the Mako Robotic-arm assisted hip replacement system is shown below.

The Stryker Mako system

When the Stryker Mako Robotic-arm system is used for hip replacement surgery, it is necessary to obtain a CT scan a few weeks before admission. The scan will be undertaken at the Lister hospital using special scanning protocol so the the alignment of the pelvis, hip and knee are known. The scan will then be uploaded for surgical planning by the Stryker Mako specialist and your surgeon. Only when these steps have been completed can your operation be undertaken. Please ensure that you speak to your surgeon’s secretary to check that the a date for your scan is arranged and that the planning has been completed prior to your admission for surgery

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