General Information

You should be aware that charges and fees for private treatment will come from three sources.

1)  Any hospital, out-patient centre, imaging facility or laboratory in which you are investigated or treated.

2)  From your surgeon, for the services that he or she provides for you.

3)  From the anaesthetist who works your surgeon.

Private Medical Insurance

If you have private medical insurance policy, you will need to obtain approval from your insurer for each stage of your treatment. Your insurer will require codes for any proposed surgical intervention. The codes that we use, most frequently, are detailed for each surgeon. Your surgeon’s secretary will be able to confirm the codes that you will need to provide to your insurer when seeking approval for investigations and treatment.

You should also check with your insurer whether your policy has an excess that you will need to pay yourself and whether your policy provides full coverage of your surgeon and anaesthetist’s fees. Some policies provide cover for most but not all of a surgeon and anaesthetist’s fees. If this applies to you, it is important that you are aware of any shortfall that you may be required to pay, before agreeing to treatment.

Our surgeons are recognised by the leading insurance companies. However, not all our surgeons have chosen to join Bupa’s fee-assured scheme and similar schemes, operated by other insurance companies.  Details of each surgeon’s fees and their agreements with the insurance companies can be seen by clicking on their name in this section.

Please note that if you have an excess clause on your policy, you may be required to pay some or all of your surgeon or anaesthetist’s fees depending on the amount of your excess.  If this applies to you, an initial invoice will be submitted to your insurer. Your insurer will notify us if there is a shortfall that you would need to pay. A second invoice will then be sent to you and it will be your responsibility to pay the shortfall. Please use the information shown below when you speak to your insurance company.


If you are self-funding, before you decide whether to proceed with investigations and treatment under our care, you should also obtain quotations from the hospital of your choice so that you know what the hospital charges will be. Likewise, the anaesthetist for his fees. Quotations for hospital packages can be requested by your surgeon’s secretary and they will liaise with the anaesthetist to ascertain his or her fee for your treatment.

Surgical and anaesthetic fees for surgical procedures vary according to the procedure code(s) of the intervention(s) being undertaken. Before any operation, your surgeon and anaesthetist will write to you with details of their fees for the procedure that they have agreed to undertake for you. In rare cases, it may be necessary to modify the surgical plan and your surgeon will try to anticipate and provide you with details of alternative procedures that may be necessary.

In line with Royal College and GMC guidelines, we aim to ensure that you are able to give Informed Consent for your surgery prior to your admission to hospital.  In addition to the information sheets and access to on-line resources that are provided to you, your surgeon and your anaesthetist will undertake a formal, consenting consultations with you (usually by Zoom or telephone) to ensure that all your questions are answered and that you have all the information that you need to provide Informed Consent for your procedure.  Your Consultant’s secretary will send you your Consent forms so that you have these when your consenting consultation is undertaken.  Please sign the forms prior to your admission and bring the completed forms with you when you are admitted for your surgery. Please also note that an supplementary consent form may also need to be completed, to address the risks associated with Covid-19 infection.

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